Download STX today!

Download STX today!


Frequently Asked Questions

STX Platform

STX is a sports betting platform that is licensed by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario for use by registered users physically present in Ontario.
No. We do not participate in the wager. Every wager you make will be with another user on the platform. STX acts as the fiduciary by making sure the players on the platform are operating in a fair manner.
Every wager that is executed on our platform results in either a YES or NO. Depending on that outcome at expiration of the market, the wager is either worth $0 for NO or $100 for YES.
All STX winning settlements incur up to a 5% fee on winning wagers. Settlements that result in a loss for the player will have no associated fee or rebate.

Player Account

All users of our platform must be 19 years of age or older and must be physically located in Ontario to place any wagers.
Our product is currently available on iOS. Download our app from the App Store and successfully complete the registration process.
If you attempt to log into your account unsuccessfully three (3) times, your account will get locked. Click ‘Forgot Password’ on the app to reset your password. You will get an email with a link to reset your password so you can resume transacting on our platform.

STX currently offers two methods to fund your account:

  • Interac
  • Wire Transfer

To initiate a deposit, log into your account and click ‘Deposit Funds under Transactions. 

In the event you need to inform us of any complaints, claims or disputes, please email us at as soon as possible so we can attempt to resolve your complaint promptly. 

Responsible Gaming

You can set a limit for your account or adjust an existing limit by navigating to the Player Protection section and selecting ‘Player Limits’.

After setting a limit, you can only increase the respective limit after the associated timeframe has passed. You can set more restrictive limits at any time.

You can select a cool off period for your account by going to the Player Protection section and selecting ‘Cool Off’. 


The minimum cool off period you can select is 1 day and once you select a cool off period, you will automatically be logged off the platform and unable to log back in until the time period ends. Should you want your funds returned during that period, please contact our customer support team at

STX is committed to promoting responsible gaming and to ensure that help is available for those who cannot gamble responsibly. 

There are several 24/7 helplines available, which provide free and non-judgmental advice for individuals with concerns regarding gambling. Examples include:

Scan the code with your iphone/ipad to download the STX app.

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